George Kalomenopoulos

Film / Funk, Journalist


Kokkinara Str. 47
14563 Athen
Mobile +30 694 642088

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George Kalomenopoulos

Film / Funk, Journalist
Producer,Media journalist and CEO of 2K Films Agency.

2K Films was founded by George Kalomenopoulos as an independent production company with the purpose to produce and co-produce with international partners high quality films and documentaries of global interest. 2K Films aims to work with devoted Greek and foreign directors who share the company’s credo, which is to produce movies of global interest for a broad audience, as well as to develop and produce documentaries, shorts and features framed within the original and inquisitive viewpoint of their creator and relate to cultural diversity of the contemporary world.

Recent filmography includes T 4 Trouble and the Self Admiration Society a creative documentary by Dimitris Athyridis, supported by the Greek Film Centre. Official Selection of the 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2009. awarded with the 1st Prize for Best Documentary-LAGFF-USA in 2009.

Apart from Living in Sacred Islands, 2K Films is currently developing The Debt, a feature film to be directed by Takis Dimitrakopoulos, based on the script of Nick Faroupos. The script was presented in May 2009 at the Annual Meeting of the Eurovision Fiction Executives organised by EBU in Luzern, as well as at the Crossroads Forum in Thessaloniki. 2K Films recently co-produced with ERT SA the short film Black Tempest, a novel adaptation of The Sleepers by D. Mingos,,directed by Nikos Kallaras.
George Kalomenopoulos ist mehr als spricht Griechisch, Deutsch, Englisch, und Spanisch
Medien Experte für EACEA - The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.


Producer and Executive Producer for Living in Sacred Islands a feature length documentary to be directed by Marineta MAK Kritikou, in co-production with ERT S.A. and the Cultural Channel of Zhejiang Radio & Television Group.

Producer for Black Tempest a short fiction film based on a novel by D.Mingas, directed by Nikos Kalaras in co-production with ERT S.A.

Producer for The Debt a feature film to be directed by Takis Dimitrakopoulos in co-production with Ginger Foot Films, Germany

Co-Producer for Eule Von Athen a documentary to be directed by Klaus Scheurich and to be produced by Marco Polo Film.

Co-Producer for La Route des Oliviers, a 10 episodes series to be produced by Michel Nolle in association with Solferino Films for ZDF

Producer for T for Trouble and the Self Admiration Society
a documentary directed by D.Athyridis, a 2K Films Production.
Official Selection International Thessaloniki Film Festival 2009
Best Documentary Film in LAGFF,2009.

Producer and Line producer for Dreaming of Zhejiang, a road-boat documentary shot in East China, in association with Cultural Channel of Zhejiang Broadcasting Group, directed by Marineta MAK Kritikou.
Awarded with the second prize of the International
Contest of “Linking Zhejiang”, Audience Prize in PLATFORMA VIDEO5 Athens, Screenings in Many Festivals around the world (France,Iran,Greece,USA).
Official selection and global screening within the first international PangeaDay held in May 2008 in Los Angeles,Ca

Producer and Line producer of Music Cape, a musical documentary in co-production with Creola Productions for Arte Rtc-Cabo Verde, directed by Alexis Tsafas

Executive Producer for the TV series
You are my other half produced by Papandreou S.A. in association with Crawfords Australia,supported by Victoria Film Office for Mega TV.

Line Producer for the feature film Paradise is a Personal Matter directed and produced by Dimitra Arapoglou with the support of GFC

Line Producer for the feature film The Very Poor Inc directed by Antonis Kokkinos and produced by Mythos S.A.

Line Producer for Taki Rua. A documentary about the Maori Rennaissance directed and produced by Arana Taumata for NZTV

Line Producer (Greek part) for the feature Film «Hotel Mama», a film by Gloria Behrens produced by Tele Film Saar for ZDF.

First Assistant Director for the feature film ‘Denninger’ filmed by Gloria Behrens produced by UFA Berlin for ZDF

Line Producer (Greek part) for the feature Film «Reise in die Nacht», a film by Matti Geschonek produced by Icon Films,Berlin for ZDF.

Line Producer for the TV Doc series «Faces in the mirror» directed by Nikos Mavrommatis, produced by Films Partners S.A. for ET3

Production Manager for the TV series «Pesto ke tha gini» produced by LTV for Mega TV

Production Assistant for TV Commercials in association with Film Partners

Producer for radio Panamericana in Montevideo, Uruguay

Producer and Executive Producer for numerous national and international campaigns for companies such as:

Vodafone. Vodafone International campaign,Vodafone CU,Vodafone Brand,BayerBepanthol,Minoan Lines,Amstel,Melissa,
Unilever Hellas, Cutty Sark, Ballantines,Guiness,Udv Hellas,J&B,BSP,Panafon,Telestet,Hyundai,Nestle,Fage,Apivita,
O.D.I.E. (Greek Horseracing Organisation)
Toyota, Toyota Corola (international campaign) Volkswagen POLO (international campaign),
Executive Producer for ΕΤΑ commercial -Greek National Tourism Organisation Properties.
YPEHODE Ministry of Environment
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