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Dado Moroni & Bert van Joris 1st Set


Bert Joris and Dado Moroni met in 1990 in occasion of a tour of Europe with the Wolfgang Haffner Quintet. Immediately there was a strong musical connection between the Belgian trumpetist and the Italian pianist so it was just a matter of time before the two started to perform together regularly as a team, both in quartet and duo settings, participating in some of the most important festivals such as Middleheim, Gent, Umbria Jazz, Alba etc. as well as many concert halls and clubs through Europe ...Together they released several quartet/quintet recordings which were received very well by the international critics, such as "Live at the Werf", Magone", "Only for the honest". These two artists haven't yet recorded in duo although this is in the plan in the next coming months.
The chemistry between Dado and Bert, now after more than 30 years of musical collaboration and friendship is such that their vast repertory, full of original compositions by both and special standard songs aptly rearranged and revisited, can be decided on the spot without even talking about it: the music just starts as by magic, out of the silence, taking unexpected turns, with echoes of the tradition, quiet reflective moods, notes and spaces poetically intertwined and always reaching the listener's imagination and heart. A truly delightful musical experience with two people made to play music together. Bert Joris and Dado Moroni

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Köln hat einen neuen Jazz-Club. Ein Biotop für Fußwipper und Fingerschnipper – und das mitten im schönen Agnesviertel. Das King Georg besticht seit jeher durch intime Atmosphäre und Bühnenperformances auf Augenhöhe mit den Zuschauern. Von 2008 – 2019 angesagter Indie-Treff, bieten die modernisierten Räumlichkeiten inzwischen feinste Straight-Ahead-Unterhaltung. Natürlich live – nichts ist wichtiger ...